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Tip 1: What the series "Breaking Bad"


Dramatic series "Breaking Bad" was filmed by cable American TV channel AMC, the premiere of the first episode took place on January 20, 2008. From 2008 to 2013, 5 seasons including 62 episodes were filmed and shown. During this time, the series has gained immense popularity throughout the world, has received many prestigious awards and prizes.

The "Breaking Bad" drama tells the audience a story about the beginning, development and end of the dizzying drug-criminal career of an ordinary chemistry teacher and his former student. The difficult life of a teacher, Walter White, from the quiet provincial town of Albuquerque, who lacks his meager salary to support a disabled son and a pregnant wife, is complicated by the terrible diagnosis of inoperable lung cancer. Walter is practically broken and at first, realizing that he will not be able to pay for the treatment, he does not even want to start it, but a protest that has not yet taken shape begins to appear in him.
He understands exactly what needs to be done after Hank’s brother-in-law, a DEA employee, takes him with him to an operation to seize a methamphetamine drug lab. Watching the actions of the cops from the patrol car, White sees how one of the criminals manages to hide, White recognizes his former student Jesse Pinkman in it. At this moment a plan is being formed in his head, how, using the full potential of his knowledge, to provide for his family and pay for expensive treatment. He finds Pinkman and persuades him to open with him a new laboratory in which White will produce the purest drug, Jesse will sell it through his own channels. For a long time to persuade his pupil Walter did not have to, and they begin a joint ascent to the heights of the drug business.

Chemistry teacher goes all heavy

At first, everything is going well - a product that Walter and Jesse do and sell, really has no analogues, he is quickly gaining popularity not only among consumers, but the police and competitors will find out about him. Newly appeared drug dealers are faced with the realities of the harsh criminal life and understand that the jokes are over. On their trail goes a relative of White, Agent Hank, competitors are also beginning to actively hunt for the unthinkable upstarts. But thanks to the sharp mind of Uyat, the team-mates manage to constantly elude Hank and successfully fight short-minded but dangerous competitors.
In some episodes, the heroes of the movie based on the plot were smoking or sniffing amphetamine, in fact, they had to smoke and smell ordinary sugar.

Happy ending in breaking bad won't

Soon they succeed, through the half-criminal lawyer Sol Goodman, to enter a large drug dealer and sell him a large batch of their goods. At this moment, all his hidden unrealized ambitions wake up in White, he takes the nickname Heisenberg, buys a hat, which later became a cult among the fans of the series, and begins to build his criminal empire. Turning a quiet chemistry teacher into a bloodthirsty criminal monster doesn’t like his student and companion Jesse very much, their interests diverge, but the criminal morach doesn’t release either one or the other from its quagmire. Gradually, his wife, son and all relatives, including Hank, will learn about the hidden life of a teacher in the criminal world, his personality is cluttered with legends, it is already impossible to stop, he can only take a break. The series finale puts everything in its place, miracles do not happen, life is a harsh thing and very rarely “movie” happy endings happen in it, Walter White’s and Jesse Pinkman’s dizzying criminal career ends sadly.
Heisenberg is the surname of the famous physicist, Nobel Prize winner in 1932, Carl Werner Heisenberg.

Each "Breaking Bad" series looks like a separate film, filled with human passions and experiences, the intricacies of events and sometimes ambiguous actions of the characters. The series has a large army of fans around the world, many famous and famous people such as, for example, Stephen King and actor Anthony Hopkins are also fans of the series. The original title of the series, breaking bad - is an idiom that is common in the southern states of the United States, meaning "to go in defiance", "to go to hell." The creators of the series stated that they did not plan to film a sequel; instead, in the fall of 2013, they announced a spin-off for the TV series called “Better Call Saul”.

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Tip 2: 10 questions to yourself before you start scolding the child

Raising a child is not easy. But sometimes we ourselves are the cause of the whims of the child. We often look at the behavior of the child from the height of his age, experience, physiological development, in the end. Here are the 10 most common mistakes parents make that we make without even thinking about their significance. Answer yourself to these questions before embarking on the grave, cursing the child.



Do our requirements match the age of the child? A little child has no such thing as patience. Their will develops only from 9-10 years. Therefore, it makes no sense to demand a Spartan excerpt from a preschooler, your requests are most often initially doomed to failure.


Do we understand the reasons for a child’s specific behavior? Do we take into account his needs and interests? A look at the problem from the position of the child will necessarily lead, if not to the desired result, then at least to a compromise of the parties.


Do we always look at the physical condition of the child? Maybe he is hungry, tired or worried about something. No matter how ridiculous children's fears may seem to us, they should be taken seriously and we should try to solve them at the very beginning.


By our demands, do we not suppress the natural mechanisms of the development of children? Try to look at the desire of your child to be everywhere and at the same time, not as your punishment, but as a happy opportunity to learn this world to your child.


Doesn’t it sometimes seem to us that the child does everything on purpose to us? Far from it. Just a human memory, in addition to various useful and not very information, also stores old grievances. Often they emerge in our relationship with the child. Forget them, you are already an adult, and it is not always useful to give the change to the abuser, especially when it comes to your own child.


Do we not contradict the physiological features of the child? If you yourself do not want to sleep or eat, is it possible to make you do it alone?


Do not we shift our mistakes to the child? Maybe your fault is laziness, forgetfulness or inattention? Answer yourself honestly to this question.


Do we know how to concede, to negotiate with people, to compromise? What can we teach the child in the field of human relations? What do we do so that the child listens to us?


Do we not overestimate the possibility of a child in his perceptions of danger? Is it possible at his age to predict the situation and see all the possible consequences?


Do we take into account the child's personality? Do not forget about its features, interests and desires?

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