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Rules for serving cheeseboard


Cheeseboard - several varieties of specially selected cheeses, served for dessert, accompanied by certain foods and beverages. In order to serve such a board, you should follow some rules.

Cheese selection rules

Classic cheese board consists of five to eight different types of cheese of different texture and taste. Sometimes they choose varieties from different countries or from different types of milk - cow, goat, sheep, buffalo. Well when cheeses can also be cut so that they are of different shapes - cubes, triangles and circles. Choosing "age" cheeses, pay attention to cheddar, gruyere and goudou, then pay attention to such soft cheeses with aromatic rind, like brie and camembert, among the fresh cheeses to the classic belong burrata, ricotta and mascarpone. Of the goat cheeses most often choose such a cheese as chevre, and among the "blue" the most popular is Stilton.
Calculating the amount of cheese, take 30-40 grams of each variety per person.

Cheese is served at room temperature, so it is cut in advance and held, laid out on a cheeseboard and covered with a damp cloth, ordinary medical gauze is best suited. Cut the cheeses either with different knives, or carefully washing and rubbing the knife after each variety, thus not allowing the flavors and tastes to mix.

How to lay out the cheese on the board

There are rules for the arrangement of cheeses on the board. Small pieces of blue cheese are put in the center, soft cheeses are placed around them, and hard varieties are placed on the outside. It is important to make sure that between the slices of cheese are soft varieties of enough space and they, softening, will not stick together.

What to serve with cheese

Cheese is served with sliced ​​soft French baguettes, sweet and savory crackers, breads with herbs and seeds, bread with slices of nuts or fruits, breadsticks and crackers, as well as various savory pickles, olives, gherkins, dried tomatoes. Good additions to cheeses are, oddly enough meat, but not simple, but dried and smoked, such as prosciutto ham or salami sausage. The classic combination is cheese and fruit. Serve pears, apples, grapes, figs with cheese. Honey, jam and nuts are also served with cheese.
Sometimes cheeses are served with fragrant chutney and mustard.

Fruit and fortified wines, dry, stylish wines such as Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay, light red wines such as Pinot Noir, beer or fruit juices are served as beverages.

What should be the cheeseboard

Cheeseboard is usually wooden, but you can also use marble, ceramic and glass boards, as well as wide plates.

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