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The most famous films, detectives


A detective story is a film in which the crime is being investigated. This cinematic genre is very popular. Among the most interesting paintings include the series "Colombo" and "Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson."

The series "Colombo"

This series takes a leading place by the number of loyal viewers, the length of shooting time and the duration of the broadcast. The first film adaptation of this series occurred in 1966 and lasted until 2004. Manufacturer - USA. This detective series differs from others in that the viewer recognizes the identity of the killer at the beginning of the series.
For some, it may seem uninteresting, but this version shows the duel of mental abilities of a detective and a murderer trying to escape punishment.

The film produced a great success in a vivid way the main character, Lieutenant Colombo, and the actor who managed to embody it. Lieutenant Colombo was betrayed by the image of a very unattractive detective who constantly smoked cheap cigarettes. At work, he appeared in a dented raincoat, was not punctual and dispersed, tired, having an old car - Peugeot.
This image was created specifically for the viewer, so that he could see that the lieutenant is an ordinary person, just like them. And in his own way, Colombo confused the criminal. He seemed to him not dangerous, so the killer lost his guard.
The harmonious connection of a simple person and an intelligent hero, provided the series with many fans and a long life.

The series "Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson"

One of the most famous detective characters is Sherlock Holmes. This literary character was created by Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes - the famous London private investigator. The works of Conan Doyola are classics of a detective genre. The Holmes character is so popular that many films with him have gained immense fame. But still the best screen version of Igor Maslennikov "Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson" was released in 1979, it has remained popular to this day.
Vasily Livanov, who played the main role, is Holmes ideally, and Vitaly Solomin ideally approached the role of Dr. Watson. All series are made in the same style, consistently revealing the nature and relationships of the main characters of the detective story.
Domestic Holmes differs from its foreign "colleagues" by its incredible cordiality and warmth. He is simple and sociable, admires with his genius, tranquility and prudence. Dr. Watson only in the domestic cinema did not look like he did not understand anything in investigations, just a curious friend. He penetrated and assisted Holmes in any incident and listened to his advice.

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